Jim Benish

Vocals, Guitar

Jim grew up in Southern California and his first music gig was singing with the boys choir on Lutheran Hour radio broadcasts.  Wanting to explore the rock n roll life, he made a living for ten years as a singing bass player, before growing up to get a real job and raise a family.


Always loved playing the guitar and tried to steal something from every good player in every genre from ratpack to rock.  Picked up slide guitar along the way from listening to Ry Cooder, Billy Gibbons, and Joe Walsh and others. Tom Petty Band’s Mike Campbell is a current favorite, along with Mark Knopfler.


Moved to the Central Coast in 2012 and feels living here is the best to be found anywhere.  He also feels very fortunate to have run into guys with similar music backgrounds and tastes, who endeavor to play the best in classic rock, which is of course, still the best rock out there.

Ben Davis

Vocals, Gutar, Keys, Percussion

Ben’s Central Coast Musical journey began while working on a post graduate degree at Cal Poly. His experience performing in bands, vocal studio work, and recording with his band at LA’s famed Western Studios gave him a desire to continue exploring his favorite art form. Outside class hours would find him performing as a single at local taverns and folk clubs from the Anderson Hotel and the New Eye in SLO to the Embarcadero in Morro Bay. Working with local musicians as a band member, recording, and performing in tribute shows over the years has led to Ben’s outlook on life, music is the broom that sweeps from the soul the dust of everyday life. Let’s all keep sweeping…


Thanks to Drummer Dave for 18 years of music together and creating ShopRock’s lineup. Peace and grace….



Evan grew up in Southern California and has been a professional musician since age 17, making his way into the stage band finals at the Hollywood Bowl in 1971. He has a BA in music from CSUN in stand-up bass during the time prior to when electric instruments were not allowed as an area of specialty or focus, nor was the accordion, funnily enough. 

While in Southern California, Evan worked with many bands, one of which was under contract with Phil Spector while also surviving the disco music trend. 

In 1982, Evan relocated with his young family to the Central Coast of CA.  He immediately found a group of musicians who loved classic rock as much as he did and has worked continuously since.

Evan has been a band member of the renowned Fast Mickey, Tommy Lee & the Portuguese,  the Road Dogs, Shameless, LBS and now, Shop Rock.  

Evan is more than grateful to be playing music with all the guys in Shop Rock.  


David Hollister


Inspired by his cousin who played drums, David, at the age of 11, became passionate about becoming a drummer.  Being self-taught by playing to his favorite LPs, he started playing in bands at the age of 15.

David was always in search of the perfect in the pocket groove and energy from playing his drums.

Working in the building trades by day for 35 years, he always made time to perform in his bands wherever he was living.

Playing in bands in Santa Barbara he later moved to Austin, Texas then to Colorado.  He toured many of the western states and Canada, traveling by bus with theater production stage bands, all original groups and copy bands, playing country rock, blues, funk, dance, and rock n roll

From concert halls to clubs to outdoor summer concerts to recording studios, he has never stopped following his passion to drum.

Moving from Northern California to Arroyo Grande in Central California, in 2002. David began playing with an all 60s Rock n Roll band for 13years.

Looking for something new and having met some good players in the area David wanted to start his own band. With his new musician friends jamming in his wood-working shop, the band ShopRock was created.  David is thankful to the members of ShopRock for their creativity, musicianship and good old-fashioned fun to help keep his love of drumming alive.


Glenn McArdle

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Glenn cannot remember a time in his life when he wasn't playing guitar. He has played guitar in just about every setting and genre. From studio work to live bands, from country to rock to Christian - writing, performing, teaching,  recording - always with a guitar in hand. Growing up in southern California, playing in a myriad of bands and everything from an Alice Cooper tribute band to writing and performing contemporary rock flavored worship in concerts and services.


His biggest guitar influences (that he realizes!) are Lukather,  Paisley, Slash, Gilmour, ,Blackmore, Moore, and of course Beck and Page. He most enjoys playing rock, blues, southern rock and a smidgen of pop.


ShopRock with its's exceptional musicianship, rock roots and guitar centered music is a very happy place for Glenn on the beautiful Central Coast he has called home for the last 30 years!